7 INTERNATIONAL PERFUME in less than 500/-

Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress 


Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a Gentleman.

Here we’ll talk about good perfumes . I always love testing different international and luxury perfumes. Everyone wants a different and a huge collection of perfumes so that we can use it accordingly to the occasion. 


What about the pricing? 

A single perfume worth in thousands 

Can we spend this much to have a huge collection of perfumes to use different perfumes in every occasion?

Here i have got a one stop solution where you can get 7 international pocket friendly perfumes at just Rupees 475/- 



They offer you a perfume selfie which contains 7 international perfume testers . 

These perfumes are long lasting and each perfume sets perfectly in different occasions with their unique fragrances.

I have got the following 7 best seller perfumes :-

MARYAJ 👉🏻 Viveca 

Viveca is tantalizing and charming that makes you feel young and light-hearted 

Louis Cardin👉🏻Gold 

The warm touch of orange and spices will attract your senses with the very first spritz of this fragrance. 

EMPER👉🏻Lady Presidente

Be the embodiment of power with an energetic mix of floral and fruity notes give bold and daring fragrances . 


Notes of ylang-ylang, vanilla and musk make this a great choice for those who like to be noticed. Its enveloping scent is sensual and extremely feminine.


Looking to brighten a dull summer day ? Spritz on this fresh fragrance and add a spring in your step.

CHRIS ADAMS 👉🏻True Reflection 

A deep aroma of black currant and promegranate , with the romance rose and curiosity of lemon , this fragrance is almost meditative.

Creation👉🏻Creation Pour Femme

This gourmand fruity-floral fragrance is a cross between softness, magic and sensuality.

Try and experiment these perfumes and don’t forget to share your experience with me . 

Here’s the direct link from where you can shop this 👇🏻


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