Ever wanted to wake up looking like a barbie princess? 

Or have you ever dreamed about a fairy tale story in which you are dressed like an elegant princess or a fairy with beautiful pastel colours? 


Its a very powerful word , very few people can understand the deep meaning – debasing their worth to nothing more than the symmetry of their face and fullness of their lips. 

Its a word that hold power and prestige .Its a duty of a designer and a makeup artist to represent this word BEAUTIFUL to every girl in her own way !

I am a person who lives in her dreams, I love watching fairytales I was working since long to come up with such story ! Wonderful designer KRITI MAGGON and makeup artist MAKEOVERS BY NEHA HANDA has helped me with the same . 

Dress plays a crucial role in fairy tales, signaling the status, wealth, or vanity of particular characters, and symbolizing their transformation.

KRTI MAGGON is a clothing brand specialised in bridal couture , the label offers beautifully draped anarkalis and gowns . Her designs are soft and young . She uses refreshing colour and combinations.

To complete this look and enhance the beautiful attire. MAKEOVERS by NEHA HANDA have played an important roleb. 

Her moto “you are beautiful ” Being their brand moto they believe that every girl is beautiful . They help us make us feel more confident,

They both have actually made me feel like a princess and showed reflection of my dream in real world .

Hope you liked reading 

Keep supporting 

Love you all !


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