3 ways to style a leather jacket

I have styled the same jacket and boots in 3 different ways for 3 different occasions !

Have a look :-

Funky casual look

If you are going out with your friends on day out or on dinner , this is the best way you can style yourself look comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

Too lazy to set up your hair with dryer in winters ? Don’t worry wear a winter cap and look stylish !

I am wearing a black lipstick to show bold look because winter is all about bold and dark shades .

Party Look

I am wearing a black formal dress , i have styled it with a winter scarf! Winter is all about adding layers , the more you add layers the more classy and fashionable you look ! To look more formal you can carry a bag which has a golden lining . A little bit golden touch makes you look elegant and bold in winters .

Don’t forget to add a bold lip colour.

Office look

I have styled it with denim light colour jeans because black leather jacket and boots highlights the best with light shades . This is the most simplest way and the most elegant way to style . Simplicity and elegance are the two words which are very different to put together when you style an outfit, and are the most important thing to keep in mind .

Do wear your favourite pair of shades and if you wear specs don’t forget to add a cap which can enhance the look and makes you look stylish!


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