Hi Girls ,

So i am back with something really helpful, i know it must have been a tough time for students like me who have been caught up with exams , so lets get freshen up and party a bit , oh wait wait

Am I forgetting something special girls ?

Shopping ❀️

I have always been searching for good quality brands for streetstyle which can be experimented a bit and styled in different ways , So i came across a designer, KOVET!

She focuses on modern working women, and studies the body shape of individuals , i found her collection appealing and perfect for students and working ladies like us , and most importantly her pricing is not to high πŸ˜‰


Let me show you some of the designs i have picked and how i have styled them .

SPORTY DRESS :- I picked up this dress for upcoming Monsoon Season , i have styled it in 4-5 different ways !

Here’s the first lookπŸ˜‰


Don’t forget you can always wear your dresses as a top by just tucking it in with your shorts or skirts, i have paired up with Tangerine colour shorts and casual shoes from CHALK STUDIO , and you can always wear a cap in afternoon or just a style secret when you have messy hair πŸ˜‰


After a hectic schedule, when you have time to catch up with your loved ones , family or friends . Here’s a perfect dress which you can just style it by giving it an off shoulder look , or an halter neck ,

How πŸ‘‰πŸ»

Off shoulder:- tuck one sleeve in

Halter neck :- tie up both sleeves at the back .

And pair it with elegant clutch or handbag and sit back and enjoy knowing you are looking on fleek πŸ˜‰


Ever wondered if you can wear a dress like a skirt ?

Let me show you this simple trick by just tying up the sleeves at your waist , wear a simple back top along and a neckpiece or watch to accessories.

Pump heels always work well when out for an interview.

And you are ready to nail πŸ˜‰


My current favourite boyfriend shirt , the most trending from Spring summer and Monsoon Fashion weeks recently.

It can be styled up for Regular college look to Party and Formal office look days .

When you have a busy life like in Delhi and Mumbai , you can always get ready with a trendy shirt which can be worn and looks fabulous in each occasion.

Let me show you some looks i have styled for different occasions.

Ready to beat the floor with most trending yet casual day looks ?

I hope it would have been a helpful ideas for young girls and working ladies .

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Abhishek Sachdeva


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