Bikinis have always been my favourite and have seen alot of women being confused how to get their bikini wardrobe ready . In this blog i am going to discuss the ways to change our buying habits; to buy less, choose better bikini options and pay more for items we will keep for longer.

Pairing up two different bikinis is always a good option when you want to keep less and simple works longer .
Taking the initiative, alot of swimwear brands such as Davy J has created a ‘waste collection’ that uses 100% regenerated nylon.
Lingerie brand La Fille d’O designs with the ethos “to make things better” and to last.

I believe body positivity and comfort is the major aspect when we go and buy a bikini .

Let me give you a brief about some styles that can never be out fashion and always look elegant and trendy with a little customisation time to time .

  • Looking back to look forward inspires Basic stripes from 1970s direction for swimwear. A palette of natural earthy tones is key for this look.

As we all know Crochet styles will remain prominent in festival collections for the fashion market. We can play with basic twist and folds such as ruching which are leading the market since 90s.
Knots, twists and crossovers inspired by perfect imperfections are flattering and feminine, while also being softly supportive.

The best part about this type of swimwear collection is that it fits all body types and is comfortable . Furthermore as we are discussing about long lasting designs , these designs have a good market in luxury as well as premium market since 1970s and has always been trendy and elegant .

we can always explore different market and pair up bikinis which gives us more suitable options in our wardrobe .

Smart wardrobe is a key , it always reduce our cost and brings out a fashion image to ourselves .

TIP :- having pop up styles can reduce our chances to repeat a certain style so keep and in mind when you shop your bikini collection next time .

Thankyou for your love and support i hopeyou have enjoyed reading it and it was helpful.

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