MY PERIODS:- Blessing or a curse


…… and boys !

Let’s talk about periods today.

Yes , you heard it right PERIODS the most beautiful natural phenomenon amongst women, it indicates that our body is functioning properly in a healthy way , a mark of your femininity and fertility , then why not embrace its beauty ?

Are we still hesitant about discussing about it in public or with male members of our family?

Do we still consider menstruation as a big taboo in our society?

Is it just India or all over the world ?

I have a group of people working individually in my team and when I discussed with them individually about this topic , asking them to have a concept shoot expressing our individual thoughts about Periods ,

For some obvious reasons, nobody refused to work on this topic but they were hesitant to take it forward due to which it got delayed.

I tried talking to some random people about it as a part of survey and i realised most of them were not comfortable, expressing it through some weird expressions that they gave me at the start of our conversation as soon as they heard the word PERIODS.

Few months back while i was traveling, a girl from US approached me and asked “ Do you talk about periods with your dad in India ? And does he gets you pads when you require? “ I said “ Ofcourse yes , why not “

But deep inside i knew in most of the parts of India , periods is still a big taboo . Period shaming is common not

only in our country, India . But also all across the world .

Myths about mensturation has always been a part of society and not just India . Every country has it’s own society misconceptions about Periods .

Some may hide sanitary napkins in secret places and get embarrassed when it falls out of our bags accidentally , as if it’s a secret weapon.

Some people believe Periods is unholy and dirty , and it’s a curse to enter a religious place while on periods or avoid entering kitchen when on periods.

We all need to understand that menstruation doesn’t cause temples to collapse or food to rot .

Well , if god disapproves this fluid then he should disapprove of all body fluids .

It’s time when we take a logical step forward and understand its just a biological function which in fact enables us to give birth to specimens like us .

Boys and girls do we still consider it sort of unclean ?

Having sex on your periods ?

There are countless religious and cultural taboos that forbid intercourse during that time of the month and you’ll have to make up your own mind about exactly how you feel about those. But there are also some pretty silly misconception and myths about period sex, especially among guys, that need to be cleared up.

Periods are usually associated with disgust, shame and embarrassment and this needs to END .

We need to be more transparent about our body and stop living in the fear of being shamed .


This needs to start from the roots i.e our Homes by start having open and honest conversation with our family and friends .



Shoot Styled by :- Saloni Ahuja ( Getvoguehere)

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