While the entire world is pointing out on danger and panic attacks due to corona virus , let me emphasis on some positivity because it’s really important for us to have a stronger mental health as much as we need to maintain our physical health during this critical situation.

Namaskar is what Hindu culture follows and now the entire world might be following it . For my foreigner friends its a gesture to greet someone by joining hands . It has a scientific reason behind it as it pressure points of eyes , ears and mind . It releases positive energy by greeting from one soul to another rather than just body by resisting any germs transferring from one body to another.

Secondly, we finally realise a culture change when the entire world look past their difference when faced with shared external threat . Everybody is fighting back together following the same cultural , social and hygiene practices, building a strong relationship of humanity leaving behind all other aspect.

We now realise that our health is more important than anything else. A healthy body can fight against any germs and bacteria. Our eating habits have changed instantly. People are more concerned about their personal hygiene. Almost everybody is eating home cooked food and started practising yoga which has always been recommended by doctors for a healthy lifestyle and I hope we will continue this in future aswell. Moreover, from now onwards people will take their personal space more seriously.

And lastly, we can notice drop down in pollution, harmful emissions and greenhouse gas as air , rail & road traffic is paused in some countries such as Italy and china.

Its time to restructure and rebuild ourselves and learn from our past mistakes.


MY PERIODS:- Blessing or a curse


…… and boys !

Let’s talk about periods today.

Yes , you heard it right PERIODS the most beautiful natural phenomenon amongst women, it indicates that our body is functioning properly in a healthy way , a mark of your femininity and fertility , then why not embrace its beauty ?

Are we still hesitant about discussing about it in public or with male members of our family?

Do we still consider menstruation as a big taboo in our society?

Is it just India or all over the world ?

I have a group of people working individually in my team and when I discussed with them individually about this topic , asking them to have a concept shoot expressing our individual thoughts about Periods ,

For some obvious reasons, nobody refused to work on this topic but they were hesitant to take it forward due to which it got delayed.

I tried talking to some random people about it as a part of survey and i realised most of them were not comfortable, expressing it through some weird expressions that they gave me at the start of our conversation as soon as they heard the word PERIODS.

Few months back while i was traveling, a girl from US approached me and asked “ Do you talk about periods with your dad in India ? And does he gets you pads when you require? “ I said “ Ofcourse yes , why not “

But deep inside i knew in most of the parts of India , periods is still a big taboo . Period shaming is common not

only in our country, India . But also all across the world .

Myths about mensturation has always been a part of society and not just India . Every country has it’s own society misconceptions about Periods .

Some may hide sanitary napkins in secret places and get embarrassed when it falls out of our bags accidentally , as if it’s a secret weapon.

Some people believe Periods is unholy and dirty , and it’s a curse to enter a religious place while on periods or avoid entering kitchen when on periods.

We all need to understand that menstruation doesn’t cause temples to collapse or food to rot .

Well , if god disapproves this fluid then he should disapprove of all body fluids .

It’s time when we take a logical step forward and understand its just a biological function which in fact enables us to give birth to specimens like us .

Boys and girls do we still consider it sort of unclean ?

Having sex on your periods ?

There are countless religious and cultural taboos that forbid intercourse during that time of the month and you’ll have to make up your own mind about exactly how you feel about those. But there are also some pretty silly misconception and myths about period sex, especially among guys, that need to be cleared up.

Periods are usually associated with disgust, shame and embarrassment and this needs to END .

We need to be more transparent about our body and stop living in the fear of being shamed .


This needs to start from the roots i.e our Homes by start having open and honest conversation with our family and friends .



Shoot Styled by :- Saloni Ahuja ( Getvoguehere)

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Launch of Pearson MePro

Today, I am going to talk about something different and I believe it’s one of the most important topics we have discussed so far on my blog.


I am glad to announce that recently Pearson has launched a new product called Pearson MePro. It is a feedback-based English language skills improvement program which enables learners enhance their English language proficiency across these six skills, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar. It is specifically designed for students who wish to appear in English Language Tests such as PTE Academic, IELTS, TOEFL etc. to study abroad or for working professionals who want to improve their communication skills to get better employment opportunities and improve their professional graph.


What I really like about this digital tool is that it offers personalized content and industry-specific learning outcomes measured against the Global Scale of English (GSE) and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels.


Moreover, MePro provides periodic assessments and allows you to begin your language mastering journey by taking a diagnostic test that maps your current language proficiency level, while providing remediations on your weak areas, at the same time.


Isn’t it Wonderful? 

It’s a great chance for everyone to improve their English and master the language at their own pace. It’s great how a product like Pearson MePro can help you change your future and provide you with better academic and professional opportunities.

Simple, easy and very productive for students as well as adults.

To Know more about Pearson MePro, visit:-



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBBXzJU5BDE



Hola ,

I am back with something exciting this time , I have seen people struggling to find clothes that looks expensive at low budget .

However, we cannot buy super expensive clothes every time , but we can still make our cheap clothes look expensive with some tricks .

I have researched a lot and concluded 4-5 things which can actually make your attire look exclusive, these tips have been concluded through various real life surveys.

Read below to know more :-


Investing a bit on your accessories is actually worth every penny. It can make your ₹1000 clothes looks like ₹15000-₹20000.

Surprised ? Yes! It’s true, as according to the psychology accessorise are always a focus of attention and when you mix expensive bags and jewellery with cheap looks . It eventually makes them look expensive as nobody can differentiate.

TIP 1 :- Don’t over accessorise, keep it simple

TIP 2 :- You can customise your basic accessories to make it look expensive


What makes cheap clothes cheap ?

It’s basically that they aren’t able to get the right fit according to different body type.

We can only see a perfect fit in designer collections which is the result of their past studies .

Why don’t we invest a little bit on tailoring and get the right fit we want . It can actually make your outfit look 10 times more expensive than the original price .

TIP :- Replace cheap buttons, these small details can instantly make your outfit look elegant .


Sometimes people wonder that how can makeup outshine your clothes ? Yes it does !

Whenever you are trying to make your outfit look more precious and rich , the best kind of makeup is by having entire neutral makeup but with a bold red lipstick.

Red has always been a royal colour and it helps your outfit look expensive.


Crease , wrinkles or untidy gathers can make any fabric look cheap . You need to check if it’s ironed properly or a simpler option is to buy a steamer which is very easy to use and give better results .

But please don’t neglect , as it can actually make your entire look cheap .

TIP :- Choose your fabric wisely while shopping from local stores , you can also mix it with luxe fabrics.


Invest in a pair of shoes you can always wear to liven up your outfit. I would recommend you for high heels when your body is covered preferably when you are wearing pants or jeans as it’s a very strong look and doesn’t make you look like as if you are trying very hard to look stylish .

TIP :- Invest on black or nudes .

I hope this information will be helpful.

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While Porta Genova is one of the most old-fashioned districts in Milan, and it is strongly connected to the tradition. It is also extremely popular with the Milanese youth, both for the night-life (especially along the banks of the Naviglio) and its anti-comformist atmosphere. This reflects, for example, in the almost ubiquitous street artworks, the numerous” alternative” shops, as well as the peculiar character of the main street market of the area, the Fiera di Senigallia, which is renowned as one of the best places in Milan where to look for unusual, rare and bizarre merchandise.

The top most famous stores to shop at Porta Genova are :-

1. Matia’s Fashion Outlet

2. Fashion Garage

3. Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle

4. L’outlet dell’ Occhiale


10 Corso Como is a shopping and dining complex in Milan ,Italy. You will find people dressed in modern , youth and rich culture there . It combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture.  You will find designers and top international brands. It was founded in 1990 by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani .


Montenapoleone, is an upscale shopping street in Milan , Italy, and Europe’s most expensive street (2018).It is famous for its ready to wear fashion and jewellery  shops, and for being the most important street of the Milan fashion district known as the Quadrilatero della moda, where many well-known fashion designers  have high-end boutiques. The most exclusive Italian shoemakers maintain boutiques on this street.


Città Studi (literally, “city of the studies”) is a district of Milan, Italy located within the Zone 3 administrative division. Hence you can find people dressed very casually and sporty at the streets of Citta Studi . Its name comes from the fact that the Politecnico technical university, as well as most technical and scientific branches of the University of Milan are based in this area.

I hope you enjoyed reading and it has been informative for you .

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Bikinis have always been my favourite and have seen alot of women being confused how to get their bikini wardrobe ready . In this blog i am going to discuss the ways to change our buying habits; to buy less, choose better bikini options and pay more for items we will keep for longer.

Pairing up two different bikinis is always a good option when you want to keep less and simple works longer .
Taking the initiative, alot of swimwear brands such as Davy J has created a ‘waste collection’ that uses 100% regenerated nylon.
Lingerie brand La Fille d’O designs with the ethos “to make things better” and to last.

I believe body positivity and comfort is the major aspect when we go and buy a bikini .

Let me give you a brief about some styles that can never be out fashion and always look elegant and trendy with a little customisation time to time .

  • Looking back to look forward inspires Basic stripes from 1970s direction for swimwear. A palette of natural earthy tones is key for this look.

As we all know Crochet styles will remain prominent in festival collections for the fashion market. We can play with basic twist and folds such as ruching which are leading the market since 90s.
Knots, twists and crossovers inspired by perfect imperfections are flattering and feminine, while also being softly supportive.

The best part about this type of swimwear collection is that it fits all body types and is comfortable . Furthermore as we are discussing about long lasting designs , these designs have a good market in luxury as well as premium market since 1970s and has always been trendy and elegant .

we can always explore different market and pair up bikinis which gives us more suitable options in our wardrobe .

Smart wardrobe is a key , it always reduce our cost and brings out a fashion image to ourselves .

TIP :- having pop up styles can reduce our chances to repeat a certain style so keep and in mind when you shop your bikini collection next time .

Thankyou for your love and support i hopeyou have enjoyed reading it and it was helpful.

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I wonder what makes travelling so memorable , if you are one of those people who loves relaxaing holidays or spend some time with your friends and family , here i am sharing my experience with PARK PLAZA .

You know my favourite vacay mood is to sit beside the pool and to experience luxury feels to the bakery .

The best part is park plaza offers all these luxury amenties at reasonable cost .
Their roof top pool gives you an experience full of peace and freshness .

In a commercial area with shops and dining, this polished hotel is 3 km from Bollywood-style performances at the Kingdom of Dreams theatre and 15 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Refined rooms come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffeemaking facilities, as well as minibars and safes. Upgraded rooms add a complimentary breakfast buffet and airport shuttle. Suites provide separate living rooms. Room service is available 24/7.

Amenities include 2 modern restaurants, a bakery and a cocktail lounge, plus a rooftop pool with a bar and city views. There’s also a 24-hour fitness centre and a sauna.

Stay energized. Work up a sweat. Cool down. Stretch out. The Park Plaza Fitness Centre has everything you need to meet your health and fitness requirements on the go

Park Plaza offers an outdoor pool with amazing spa facilities .
You can soak up the sun poolside or head indoors for a soothing massage in the spa.

I spend a lot of time sitting by the side of the pool chatting with moms, getting a freckle tan and yeah sometime enjoy getting relaxed just by sitting next to pool .

All this can be well experienced when we get great pool facilities. A big thanks to Park Plaza for offering me all these service at the best .

And at Last how can i not inform you about the most important thing , yeah all FOODIES I was delighted to experience one of the best ambience and taste of food while dining and having breakfast .

Thankyou for reading my blog , I hope it was helpful and you enjoyed it .


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Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions – that’s what weddings are made of. A wedding is not just about a couple getting married. It’s about vows of love and spending a lifetime together, the happiness on everyone’s face, uniting families and having all your friends beside you wishing you all the best.

with all these overflowimg emotions and family gatherings we need a perfect destination for pre wedding fun and finally emotional scars with bride makeover .

Finding a perfect team is the most difficult task , but ain’t impossible with story tellers like me .
So here i am mentioning few important tips for your wedding pretty ladies along with the best team and destination setups .

seal your love at courtyard at marriott Gurugram Downtown , where memories are crafted for a lifetime . They have the best setup for wedding functions with very courteous staff, amazing breakfast menu , reasonably priced hotel with very comfortable rooms .

Relish a spread of delicious food with a wide variety of indian and international cuisine enjoy the bespoke menu with their Outdoor catering services aswell . And which has always been my favourite is their magic of margaritas.

TIP :- An exciting evening at poolside a day before your. wedding with margaritas in your hands and jolly friends beside you can be the most memorable evening amongst your wedding functions .
Don’t forget to get relaxed with your friends and have the spa session the next morning .

Light weight designs and floral prints are in fashion and she has got the best work for pretty girly and smooth designs . Day functions can be best dressed with floral prints .
Check out more similar designs at her studio in Defence Colony , Delhi .

TIP :- Don’t hesitate to team up your traditional outfits . Traditional outfits cannot be experimented or teamed up differently is a total myth .

Amongst the best makeup artist in town Misha Vig believes that Makeup is to enhance Natural Beauty of her bride rather than creating a false mask with layers of makeup . She has specialised her makeup from London school of makeup and Makeup forever in paris . She is specialised in High Definition and Airbrush makeup using all high end brands only.

TIP :- copying a makeup style from someone else can always end up as a Makeup Failure . Understanding your features is the most important tip for good and subtle Makeup .

A well known Fashion stylist from Delhi /Mumbai .
She understands your own style and enhance it better , believe me its the best way to work with .

TIP :- being Over dressed is always better than being under dressed .
It provides you with warmth if you need it or you can peel it off if you don’t.

PHOTOGRAPHY :- white frog production .

Most importantly having a good event manager should be at the peak , Working with EVENTILAINDIA has made the setup and work atmosphere more friendly , easy and settled .



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Hi Girls ,

So i am back with something really helpful, i know it must have been a tough time for students like me who have been caught up with exams , so lets get freshen up and party a bit , oh wait wait

Am I forgetting something special girls ?

Shopping ❤️

I have always been searching for good quality brands for streetstyle which can be experimented a bit and styled in different ways , So i came across a designer, KOVET!

She focuses on modern working women, and studies the body shape of individuals , i found her collection appealing and perfect for students and working ladies like us , and most importantly her pricing is not to high 😉


Let me show you some of the designs i have picked and how i have styled them .

SPORTY DRESS :- I picked up this dress for upcoming Monsoon Season , i have styled it in 4-5 different ways !

Here’s the first look😉


Don’t forget you can always wear your dresses as a top by just tucking it in with your shorts or skirts, i have paired up with Tangerine colour shorts and casual shoes from CHALK STUDIO , and you can always wear a cap in afternoon or just a style secret when you have messy hair 😉


After a hectic schedule, when you have time to catch up with your loved ones , family or friends . Here’s a perfect dress which you can just style it by giving it an off shoulder look , or an halter neck ,

How 👉🏻

Off shoulder:- tuck one sleeve in

Halter neck :- tie up both sleeves at the back .

And pair it with elegant clutch or handbag and sit back and enjoy knowing you are looking on fleek 😉


Ever wondered if you can wear a dress like a skirt ?

Let me show you this simple trick by just tying up the sleeves at your waist , wear a simple back top along and a neckpiece or watch to accessories.

Pump heels always work well when out for an interview.

And you are ready to nail 😉


My current favourite boyfriend shirt , the most trending from Spring summer and Monsoon Fashion weeks recently.

It can be styled up for Regular college look to Party and Formal office look days .

When you have a busy life like in Delhi and Mumbai , you can always get ready with a trendy shirt which can be worn and looks fabulous in each occasion.

Let me show you some looks i have styled for different occasions.

Ready to beat the floor with most trending yet casual day looks ?

I hope it would have been a helpful ideas for young girls and working ladies .

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KOVET online



Abhishek Sachdeva



NK PhotoStory


3 ways to style a leather jacket

I have styled the same jacket and boots in 3 different ways for 3 different occasions !

Have a look :-

Funky casual look

If you are going out with your friends on day out or on dinner , this is the best way you can style yourself look comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

Too lazy to set up your hair with dryer in winters ? Don’t worry wear a winter cap and look stylish !

I am wearing a black lipstick to show bold look because winter is all about bold and dark shades .

Party Look

I am wearing a black formal dress , i have styled it with a winter scarf! Winter is all about adding layers , the more you add layers the more classy and fashionable you look ! To look more formal you can carry a bag which has a golden lining . A little bit golden touch makes you look elegant and bold in winters .

Don’t forget to add a bold lip colour.

Office look

I have styled it with denim light colour jeans because black leather jacket and boots highlights the best with light shades . This is the most simplest way and the most elegant way to style . Simplicity and elegance are the two words which are very different to put together when you style an outfit, and are the most important thing to keep in mind .

Do wear your favourite pair of shades and if you wear specs don’t forget to add a cap which can enhance the look and makes you look stylish!